About Us

My Career started in Germany in 2010 where I first found my passion for Nails which I then carried on to the UK.

I have attended many Courses in Germany and the UK and have gained a lot of knowledge and Qualifications.

During my career I have come across a lot of excellent professional products & companies who provide amazing customer service which I have want to share with you all by opening my own online shop.

I decided to open this shop to supply you all with professional products only that are true to their description.

I also climbed up the Teaching Ladder and now offer some Great Course’s from Beginner to more Advanced and of Course the most Important “Airbrush Nail Art”.

I am a Gel Tech through and through with a lot of Experience and eye for detail.

My Drive

Client’s, Student’s, fellow Nail techs.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy client leave, a student that had the light bulb moment with your help and watching them progress during their course.

The lovely message’s received from Nail tech’s when you have given them a great product that does as it says.

All that, makes me really proud and happy of what I have achieved.

Favourite Technique’s

Gel Nails and Airbrush – Love how versatile it is, easy to use with big end result.

I hope you enjoy the shop and inspiration given here and find many product’s helpful for you and your salon.

Happy Shopping

Much Love